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Empowering the Future of MedTech

Brussels, Belgium 07th & 08th Nov 2024

We are thrilled to bring the MedTech Partnering Summit to Brussels, a vibrant hub of MedTech innovation. This event is set to be the summit of MedTech partnering and deal-making, offering enhanced opportunities to connect, collaborate, and succeed.

The MedTech Partnering Summit is an international event designed to provide exclusive opportunities for business development, Licensing, R&D collaborations, investment, fundraising, alliances, M&A, and all deal-making activities in the MedTech industry. This summit serves as a unique platform to connect with decision-makers, industry leaders, and key stakeholders from across the MedTech ecosystem.

Join us at the MedTech Partnering Summit to gain a competitive edge in the MedTech industry. This event is put together to help you accelerate your business development efforts through high-level networking. By attending, you will be at the forefront of industry advancements and positioned to drive significant growth for your organization.

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Discover the Latest Trends and Innovations Transforming the MedTech Landscape.

MedTech conference

Who will you meet?

The MedTech Partnering Summit brings together dealmakers of leading MedTech companies to put together a whole range of partnering opportunities.

The Summit provides a prime Opportunity for You to meet & Network with Senior Executives Interested in: Business Development & Licensing (BD&L) | Search & Evaluation | Scientific Licensing | Technology Transfer | Research Collaborations | Transactions | M&A | Joint Ventures | Alliance Management | Deal Sourcing | External Innovation | Financing | Investing | Raising Capital.

 <h3>MedTach Partnering Summit Conference </h3>

MedTech Opportunities


 <h3>MedTach Partnering Summit Conference </h3>

Our thought-provoking Keynote Presentations, engaging Panel Discussions, informative breakout sessions, and interactive Networking Opportunities will keep you at the forefront of industry developments. Interact with visionary startups and established players revolutionising healthcare with groundbreaking technologies and disruptive approaches.
Discover the latest trends, innovations, cutting-edge products and technologies poised to transform Medtech Landscap. Improve patient outcomes, and enhance healthcare system efficiency. Showcase your organisation's assets, products, technologies, platforms, and services to industry experts, potential partners, and investors.
<h5>MedTach Partnering Summit Conference </h5>

Agenda Highlights

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be at the forefront of the MedTech revolution. Join us at this MedTech Partnering Summit conference and be part of the transformation that can shape the future of healthcare. Together, we will drive innovation, improve patient outcomes, and create a healthier world.


MedTech digital pharma biotech partnering dealmaking business development licensing conference
Navigating the Competitive MedTech Landscape: Strategies for Standing Out
Discuss the competitive nature of the MedTech industry and explore strategies for MedTech companies to position themselves as the partner of choice in licensing and acquisition deals.
• What key factors make a MedTech company attractive to potential partners and investors?
• How can smaller MedTech companies differentiate themselves in a crowded market?
• What role does innovative technology play in securing partnerships?
artificial intelligence digital health dealmaking conference
Maximizing Partnership Value: Best Practices for Deal Structuring
Explore best practices for structuring MedTech partnerships to maximize value for all parties involved.
• What are the critical components of a successful MedTech partnership agreement?
• How can companies ensure flexibility and clarity in partnership roles and responsibilities?
• What lessons can be learned from past successful and unsuccessful deals?
artificial intelligence digital health dealmaking conference
The Role of Strategic Alliances in MedTech Innovation
Examine the importance of strategic alliances in driving innovation and growth within the MedTech industry.
• How can strategic alliances accelerate the development and commercialisation of new technologies?
• What are the common challenges in forming and maintaining strategic alliances?
• How do companies measure the success of their strategic alliances?
artificial intelligence digital health drug discovery conference
Enhancing Collaboration Between MedTech and Pharma: Opportunities and Challenges
Discuss the unique opportunities and challenges of collaborations between MedTech and pharma.
• What synergies can be achieved through MedTech-pharma collaborations?
• How do the partnership dynamics differ between MedTech and pharma industries?
• What are the key considerations for ensuring successful MedTech-pharma collaborations?


digital health technologies conference
Investor Perspectives: What MedTech Companies Need to Know
Provide insights from experienced investors on what they look for when investing in MedTech companies and how these companies can position themselves effectively.
• What are the top criteria investors consider when evaluating MedTech opportunities?
• How can early-stage MedTech companies attract and retain investor interest?
• What are common pitfalls that MedTech companies should avoid to appeal to investors?
digital health technologies diagnostics conference
Driving Success in Post-Deal Integration and Collaboration
Focus on the post-deal phase, exploring how MedTech companies can ensure smooth integration and effective collaboration after a deal is closed.
• What are the key factors for successful post-deal integration in the MedTech industry?
• How can companies maintain momentum and collaborative spirit after the deal is done?
• What are the best practices for managing cultural differences and aligning goals between partnering organizations?
digital health healthtech data science conference
Navigating IVD Partnering for Innovation and Market Access
In vitro diagnostics (IVD) play a critical role in healthcare by providing essential information for diagnosis and treatment decisions. This panel will explore the dynamics of partnering in the IVD space, focusing on strategies to drive innovation, navigate regulatory landscapes, and enhance market access.
• What are the key factors IVD companies consider when selecting partners for innovation and development?
• How can big pharma and IVD companies effectively collaborate to integrate diagnostics into therapeutic development?
• What are the regulatory challenges specific to IVD, and how can partners work together to address them?
• How can partnerships help IVD companies expand their market access, particularly in emerging markets?
• What are some successful examples of IVD partnerships, and what lessons can be learned from them?
• How do technological advancements in diagnostics influence partnering strategies in the IVD sector?
• What role do data and digital health play in IVD partnerships, and how can they be leveraged for better outcomes?
data science digital health healthtech conference
Strategic Partnering in the Era of EU MDR Compliance
The implementation of the European Union Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) has significantly impacted the medical device and diagnostics industry. This panel will discuss the implications of MDR on partnering strategies, focusing on how companies can collaborate to ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and achieve commercial success.
• How has the EU MDR changed the landscape for medical device and diagnostics partnerships?
• What are the key compliance challenges under the MDR, and how can partnering help address these issues?
• How can small and mid-sized diagnostics companies leverage partnerships to navigate the MDR requirements effectively?
• What are the best practices for structuring partnerships to ensure regulatory compliance and commercial viability?
• How can companies balance innovation with the stringent requirements of the MDR through strategic partnerships?
• What role do regulatory experts play in partnership negotiations and execution under the MDR framework?
• How can partnerships help in post-market surveillance and vigilance activities required under the MDR?

Our Previous Speakers

Andrew L'Huillier
Director Regulatory Affairs Liaison - Diagnostics

Ankur Sharma
Head Medical Affairs Digital

Octavian Filoti
Associate Director, Digital Capability Management, AI Data and Technology Lab
Bristol Myers Squibb

Ajit Mohapatra
Director, Digital & GenAI Architecture and Engineering

Dimitri Dimitriou
Managing Director
DyoDelta Biosciences

Vanessa Velandia Rodríguez
Associate Director Patient Engagement & Social Business Innovation

Uta Wrackmeyer
Director Global Regulatory Affairs

Preethi Ramesh
Associate Director of Data Science

John Rootenberg, MD
Principal Director, Digital Safety & Decision Support

Sunil Talathir
Senior Director| Data Science and Digital Innovations

Ekaterine (Eka) Kortkhonjia
Sr. Director, Early Innovation Partnering
Johnson & Johnson

Marcus Simon
Director - US Digital Precision Healthcare

Vishwajitsinh Atodaria
Digital Strategic Planning Director

Temi Awofisayo
Director,Digital Engagement-Global Vx Tech,Commercial & Medical

Bhavna Adhin
Associate Director,Clinical Informatics

Kati Kaijasilta
Business Development Director
Orion Corporation

Jacqueline Tejeda Carnot
Information Technology Director Western Europe

Isabela Niculae, MPH
Head Global Clinical Sciences & Operations Innovation

One-to-One Meetings:

Meet the right decision makers and achieve your business goals through pre-arranged one-to-one meetings. All attendees will be provided with access to our meeting platform which allows to search and identify potential partners, review information about their business and manage all meeting requests in one dashboard.

16+ Hours of Networking:

Each day of summit you will have dedicated sessions for meetings and socialising. This allows each attendee to enjoy over 16+ hours of networking opportunity to engage with qualified leads.

Pre-Arranged Meetings:

Three weeks in advance, you will receive a secure login to our meeting platform, through which you will be able to send and receive meeting requests to and from partners of your choice so that you can enjoy well organised and pre-arranged meetings during the networking session.