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The upcoming pharma partnering HK summit 2024 is taking place during 14th & 15th Nov 2024 in Hong Kong SAR. Hong Kong is becoming an increasingly important hub for life sciences companies in Asia. The city has a strong healthcare system, a highly skilled workforce, and a favorable business environment that makes it an attractive location for life sciences companies to establish their operations.

The Hong Kong government has also been actively promoting the development of the life sciences industry through various initiatives and funding programs. These initiatives include the establishment of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, which provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and support services for technology and life sciences companies.

Moreover, Hong Kong has a strategic location that provides easy access to other major markets in the Asia-Pacific region, including China and Southeast Asia. This makes it an ideal location for life sciences companies that want to expand their reach into these markets.

Some notable life sciences companies that have established a presence in Hong Kong include Amgen, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and Roche. In addition, there are also many startups and emerging companies in the life sciences sector that are based in Hong Kong, which highlights the city's growing importance as a hub for innovation in this field.

Pharma Partnering HK Summit 2024

14th & 15th Nov 2024 Hong Kong SAR

Event Venue:

The Conference for Pharma & Biotech Professionals