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Hong Kong is a hub for the life science companies due to its strategic location in the heart of the Far East Asia , providing an easy access to major markets in the region, including Mainland China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia.

Hong Kong has a strong legal framework to protect IP rights, which is crucial for the life science companies that invest heavily in research and development. The Hong Kong government offers a range of incentives and funding support to the life science companies, including tax concessions and grants. Hong Kong has a world-class infrastructure, including state-of-the-art research facilities, advanced healthcare system, and a highly skilled workforce.

The Pharma Partnering HK Summit 2024 is an exclusive and one of the most prestigious life sciences deal making International Conference for the Greater Bay Area coming to Hong Kong.

This platform brings together Senior Executives and Professionals from different parts of the world, focused on Business Development & Licensing, R&D Collaborations, Co-Development, Commercialisation & Distribution Deals, Fundraising, Investments, Alliances, M&A, Going Public as well as partnering Opportunities in the Broader Aspects.

Who will you meet?

The Pharma Partnering Summit brings together dealmakers of leading life science companies to put together a whole range of partnering opportunities. The Summit provides a prime Opportunity for You to meet & Network with Senior Executives of:

Business Development / Licensing / M&A / Strategic Alliances / External Innovation / Search & Evaluation / Legal & IP / Due Diligence / Scientific Assessments / Portfolie & Life cycle management / Venture Capital / Investments / Clinical Operations /Regulatory Affairs / Compliances / Commercialisation & Disturibution / Strategic R&D

And Many More from Big, Midsize and Small Pharma and Biotech Companies.

Pharma Partnering Summit Conference
Pharma Partnering Summit Conference
Pharma Partnering Summit Conference
Partnering Opportunities
(Pharma / Biotech / MedTech / Digital health)
Pharma Partnering Summit Conference

Conference Speakers


An opportunity to interact, discuss and listen to the experts from the industry and enhance your knowledge and skills necessary to help you achieve your goals.

The agenda is structured for the needs of Pharma & Biotech Senior Executives. The HK Summit 2024 aims to help companies to expand their network by meeting Targeted Audience from all the continents, and put together deals to develop their business.

The Summit also serves to provide insight on new paradigms for external innovations & disseminate knowledge through expert speakers, for the best practices in the field of industry partnerships.

How it will work for you?

  • Identify suitable partners according to your company’s needs, engage through one-to-one meetings / networking sessions and develop your business.

  • Investment Opportunities with high returns for investor as well as fundraising opportunities for life science companies to expedite your innovations and reach inflection points.

  • Exhibitions to promote your brands, products, services, solutions, platforms and to develop your business.

BioPartnering Conference Europe 2023

Conference Partners:

One-to-One Meetings:

Meet the right decision makers and achieve your business goals through pre-arranged one-to-one meetings. All attendees will be provided with access to our meeting platform which allows to search and identify potential partners, review information about their business and manage all meeting requests in one dashboard.

16+ Hours of Networking:

Each day of summit you will have dedicated sessions for meetings and socialising. This allows each attendee to enjoy over 16+ hours of networking opportunity to engage with qualified leads.

Pre-Arranged Meetings:

Three weeks in advance, you will receive a secure login to our meeting platform, through which you will be able to send and receive meeting requests to and from partners of your choice so that you can enjoy well organised and pre-arranged meetings during the networking session.