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The Pharma Partnering Summit

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Developed by experts in Pharma & Biotech Deals.

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Pharmaceutical Partnering Business Development Licensing Conference
Pharma Licensing Conference

The Bio Industry Event for Partnering

Where you can meet other companies, expand your network and put together collaborations

The Conference for Pharma Partnering Professionals

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The Pharma Partnering Summit Conference

North America - Europe


About Us

Welcome to the Pharma Partnering Summit, where collaboration drives innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. At Pharma Partnering Summit, we recognize that the future of healthcare relies on strategic partnerships, groundbreaking research, and shared expertise. Our summit serves as a dynamic platform for industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers to connect, collaborate, and catalyze transformative advancements in healthcare.

The Pharma Partnering Summit is an exclusive Life Sciences Industry event, with the aim to help companies expand their network and put together licensing deals, research collaborations and financing. Our platform brings together senior executives from different parts of the world, specialising in Business Development & Licensing, Alliance Management, R&D Collaborations, M&A and Investment.

In addition to identifying products and partners as well as investors, the forum also serves to disseminate knowledge through expert speakers and panels, for the best practices in the field of industry practices.

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deals made in life sciences
increase in the number of deals
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million R&D Spend in 2022
* Source: Statista, 2023

Our Venue and Program

Pharma Partnering Summit Conference

The Pharma Partnering Summit Conference takes place in professional venues, conveniently located for international travel. We recognize that the senior executives attending have busy schedules and need flexible and reliable business location for their travel arrangements. The locations of the Pharma Partnering Summit are typically in major cities around the world.

The agenda of the Pharma Partnering Summit is structured with the needs of the participants in mind. The program includes presentations by industry experts, investors and companies, as well as panels of speakers. Part of each conference day is reserved exclusively for one-to-one partnering meetings, organised through our system. Each conference day includes networking breaks, networking lunch and is completed with a formal reception drinks and dinner reception at an elegant venue in the city of the event.

Our mission at Pharma Partnering Summit is to foster collaboration and partnership within the pharmaceutical sector to address the most pressing healthcare challenges. We aim to facilitate meaningful connections between stakeholders, promote knowledge exchange, and inspire innovative solutions that enhance patient outcomes and drive sustainable growth.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this premier gathering of pharmaceutical leaders, innovators, and visionaries. Join us at Pharma Partnering Summit and together, let’s shape the future of healthcare through collaboration and innovation.

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