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Digital Health Partnering US Summit 2023

The upcoming Digital Health Partnering US Summit 2023 is taking place during 12th & 13th Oct 2023 in San Francisco CA. USA. San Francisco is a famous city in the west coast and is easily accessible by public/private transport and excellent direct train connections. San Francisco also is on a direct flights connections from all the major cities of USA and rest of the world.

USA is the natural home for international associations with its highly skilled multinational and multilingual work force and support services. San Francisco is the best spot for building industrial networks and getting close to the decision makers.

Specialist in life sciences, San Francisco has the highest concentration of life science professionals, Digital Health Innovations and Pharma Biotech Companies in the West Coast. With its world-famous universities, research facilities and concentration of national and international Pharma, medical devices, digital health and biotech companies, San Francisco is a pivotal centre in life sciences.

Digital Health Partnering US Summit 2023

12th / 13th Oct 2023 San Francisco CA. USA

Event Venue:

The Conference for Pharma & Biotech Professionals